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Git Rebase vs Merge

Learn about the difference between rebase and merge and when you should use which

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Git is an “old” technology if you want that has been around for ages now. Still, when speaking or collaborating with other software developers, I always again see them struggle with apparently basic commands. But it doesn’t have to be scary. In this article I’m going to quickly walk you through the difference between “merge” and “rebase”.

Before starting, if Git is something that sounds interesting to you, where you think you might want to learn more and dig deeper, then I have something for you 😃. A while ago, I recorded a ~30min course on Egghead that walks you through the main commands you need to know to safely use Git on a daily basis. Check out the course here:

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Merge vs Rebase

Other Resources

You’re more a “book person”? Then you might want to check out the “Rebase Book” written by my friend Pascal Precht.

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