I am Juri.
developer, speaker, instructor.

I've been working as a software developer and architect for 10+ years, with technologies like Java, .Net, Node.js on the desktop, mobile as well as web. Lately I'm mostly focusing on frontend web development with JavaScript, on writing technical articles, teaching and consulting.

I'm also a Google Developer Expert in Web Tech and an Egghead.io Instructor.
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Technical Writing

Learn, share, improve

Writing has always been an important part of me. I never did it for money, but purely out of joy and passion to share my lessons learned with others. I've been writing on my blog for over 10 years about a variety of topics, growing it from 10 visitors a day to a million visitors a year.

Expose yourself, get feedback, improve. The best way to learn and deeply understand things is by explaining them to others, in whatever form you like.

Google Developers Expert

Web Technologies, Angular

In November 2017 I officially became a Google Developers Expert in Web Technologies. I feel so honored to be part of this amazing group of experts from all around the world. Being a GDE gives me special insights and allows me to directly connect with Google Engineers, helping me to better support the community.

What is a GDE? We're not Google employees, but rather it's a recognition by Google Inc. as having exemplary expertise in a given technology or product field. More on the official GDE website.

Public Speaking

I love to give presentations. To study complex topics, digest them, make them visually appealing and easy to grasp. It's probably part of why I like to teach as well. By the end of 2017 (quite late actually) I started to also give public talks, at meetups and conferences and I've been doing that since then (whenever my time allows me to do so).

Want me to speak at your event? Sure, contact me and we'll see how to arrange things.

Teaching & Consulting

I always loved to share my knowledge with others, out of which my passion for teaching has grown. Besides my courses on Egghead, I've been teaching over a dozen on-site workshops at different companies.

Currently I work at Nrwl where we help big enterprises to develop software at scale through monorepos. Our expertise is mostly on frontend development with JavaScript, Angular and React. Curious?

Egghead.io Instructor

Video tutorials for badass web developers.

Egghead.io is an online learning platform for web developers. This is the place where you learn about the best JavaScript tools and frameworks straight from industry pros. Egghead is a group of working web development professionals, creating concise and information dense video courses.

Since May 2017 I publish video courses as an Egghead Instructor on topics such as Angular, JavaScript and Git. Even before that time I highly appreciated Egghead because of its focus on quality and conciseness. Time is rare which is why Egghead places a particular focus on creating short, concise bite-sized videos.