My Works


Please head over to GitHub for my public coding activities.


Learning JavaScriptMVC

Technical Reviewer

Introductory book about creating JavaScript SPAs with JavaScriptMVC.

Windows 8 Metro applications with HTML5 and JavaScript

Technical Reviewer

A book about creating Windows 8 applications with JavaScript and HTML5.

JavaScript Regular Expressions

Leverage the power of regular expressions to create an engaging user experience

Technical Reviewer

Learning Behavior Driven Development with JavaScript

Technical Reviewer

Learn a more agile and efficient approach to JavaScript web development, and let behaviour-driven development redefine the way you test your projects


Some of the (so far mostly company internal) talks I gave and which I’d like to share here.

JavaScript - The Language

A introduction to JavaScript from the language point of view. Nothing about frameworks, but a presentation about the most common language features with the purpose to point out the possibilities and peculiarities the language brings with it.

Btw, I created the presentation with impress.js, a library for creating HTML based Prezi style presentations.