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Video Course: Learning Angular Components

The 2nd edition of my video course on Learning Angular Components

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RxJS first steps - Subject and ReplaySubject

Let's get started with reactive programming

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From ng-controller to components with Angular 1.5

Driving your Angular frontend architecture to a new level

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Angular 2+ - A Getting Started Guide for Beginners

A gentle introduction to a local Meetup group

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Learning Angular 2 Directives

Learn how to build efficient Angular 2 directives with this fast and interactive video course

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Improve your Angular 1.x startup time

A neat and simple trick to give your app some boost

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Preparing for Angular 2

Collection of best practices to be ready for Angular 2

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Learning Angular: Testing $q promise resolves with Sinon and Jasmine

See how you can stub an async call and make it return a resolved promise

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Learning Angular: Expose an API on your directives

Using shared services and "API objects" to create a directive API

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Learning Angular: Set your language culture before any UI is displayed

Learn about angular-tranlsate's promises and how to make sure your language locales are loaded before any UI element

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Learning Angular: Verifying whether a function has been passed to my directive's isolated scope

How can I verify whether a function property defined on my directive's isolated scope has been specified or not?

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Learning Angular: Access directive scope variables from directive controllers and vice versa

Learn how to use directive scope variables and access them from your directive controller

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Learning Angular: Useful utility functions

Angular has a series of built-in utility functions which might come in handy during development

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Learning Angular: Unit Testing $watch expressions

There's a difference in writing unit tests for controllers using the $scope syntax vs. those using the 'controller as' syntax.

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Learning Angular: What is the scope of your directive??

Watch out: Directive controllers do not necessarily behave like normal controllers

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Learning Angular: Gosh, my two-way binding doesn't seem to work properly!

MOAR dots... Watch out when binding your data. Do you pass it an object reference or a value?

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Introducing the learning-ng series

A series of short and concise articles presenting my findings as I master the Angular learning curve.

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Avoid test code duplication in Jasmine tests

Treat your test code like your production code

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Lazy Angular Modules

Modularization strategy for lazy Angular modules

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First baby steps with Angular.js

Some of my notes from a recent AngularJS webinar

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