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I recently wanted to dive deeper into testing Angular applications, in specific on how to write proper unit tests for some common scenarious you might encounter. Dave, the organizer of the Angular Hamburg Meetup group asked me whether I'd be interested in doing a talk. So here we are, read on for the slides, GitHub repo and video of the talk :wink:.
Contents are based on Angular version >=2

Slides and recorded talk

Testing with Angular! Some Recipes
Slides from my talk for Angular Hamburg. https://goo.gl/W5WyHd

Here’s the video of my talk:

Code Repository

I setup a dedicated code repository with the purpose of collecting testing recipes for various scenarious you might encounter while testing your Angular applications.

GitHub: angular-testing-recipes
A code repository full of testing recipes. Check them out and help me create more! https://github.com/juristr/angular-testing-recipes

You have some more? Share them with me and contribute them to the repository :+1:

There are some awesome articles out there on testing Angular applications. Here are some I found useful.


Thanks Dave and Angular Hamburg for having me!

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