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Juri Strumpflohner Juri is a full stack developer and tech lead with a special passion for the web and frontend development. He creates online videos for Egghead.io, writes articles on his blog and for tech magazines, speaks at conferences and holds training workshops. Juri is also a recognized Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies

Role of an Enterprise Architect in a Lean Organization

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  • map the current state
  • present vision to key technical leaders and get feedback, they know why certain things are the way they are
  • upon consensus, make current + future state visible to all (not in a Sharepoint folder, or document)
  • “build bridges”, become partner and resource for development teams
  • When a new project starts, update the team of the latest vision
  • Try to avoid getting mired in the details of the implementation
  • focus on high level goals and design
  • avoid temptation to immediately say no to new technology, discuss, do time-boxed proof of concept, measure, discuss
  • success as an EA is only made possible with the support of the development teams
  • build excitement of new vision, celebrate the victories (however small)
  • try to bind technical changes to business changes
  • build community of learning, involve passionate technologists, lead devs etc…give opportunity to share their learnings
  • do not force people to attend training and learning activities. Keep ‘em open but optional
  • sense of community energizes developers

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