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Fluent Conference: JavaScript & Beyond Complete Video Compilation by O'Reilly Media

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Missed this years Fluent Conference in San Francisco? Then this amazing video compilation is probably for you. It contains all of the sessions nicely bundled and in high quality. There are sessions about WebGL, CoffeeScript, JavaScript Mobile with Firtman and Backbone, just to mention some of them.

I found the video collection amazing. Lots of tutorials, more than you're probably able to watch (in a reasonable amount of time). I picked out some I'm interested most, under which so far I watched the session about CoffeeScript by Gregg Pollack. You can find more infos about that session below.

So, when is it worth to get this compilation. If you're a web developer that loves to use the newest available technologies or if you'd like to get started with them, then these sessions are for definitely you .

A Sip of CoffeeScript (Gregg Pollack)

I always wanted to learn CoffeeScript because recently I heard a lot of people talking about it at conferences. But as often, I just didn't find the time. As I saw Gregg Pollack's session in this video compilation I decided to walk through them. Gregg (from Codeschool.com) explains the details about CoffeeScript by demonstrating how JavaScript code samples translate into CoffeeScript and back. He starts with basic function and variable declarations and walks through till more complex object orientation and inheritance concepts. If you want to learn CoffeeScript, give it try.
Btw, here you find my notes on the video.

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