Eclipse: Importing existing project: "Invalid project description"

Monday morning, 07:30 AM. Me, starting the computer after the weekend, executing a git pull from my repository to fetch the latest src. Then I opened my freshly installed Eclipse JavaScript version followed by a nice "Import existing project" (I pushed the project on my Mac previously) on the just fetched git repository. Fail.

Invalid project description
Damn. My first thought was a potential incompatibility, given that the project was created on my Mac previously, and I just tried to import it on Win7.
So if you should encounter a similar problem try the following. Assume you pulled the repository into C:\gitrepo\mygit. Then

  • create another directory, for instance C:\eclipsewrkspc\mygit
  • start Eclipse to use that directory as its workspace.
  • use the "Import existing project" functionality and point to the git directory
  • Uncheck the "copy into workspace" flag.
That approach should work, at least it did for me.



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