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2011 Retrospective and a New Look

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I know it's a bit late for a 2011 year recap, but I didn't manage to write one earlier. Actually, I just noted that I didn't publish one last year at all. Anyway, here just a couple of lines to 2011, the new look of this blog and maybe some outlook to 2012?

Year 2011 - A Retrospective

2011 was a very successful and interesting year. In March I finally concluded my university studies. It was an interesting, but at the same time very effortful period. After that I returned to work full-time with lots of interesting new challenges to face. Unfortunately my blog didn't (yet) reflect that much about these changes.
Beside computer science related topics I managed to enter the Italian National team of Yoseikan Budo (my club) and successfully concluded the exams for the 2. Dan Yoseikan Budo.
And last but not least, with the start of 2012 I moved in together with my girlfriend in our first common flat.

A Facelift to this Blog

Yep, once again I decided to give this blog a small facelift. The major changes consist in making the entry page more attractive, while the detail post pages remained mostly the same. The entry page now consists in small snippets of the 6 most recent posts with each posts having a small initial intro part describing its content.
Basically, the main objective was to just visualize only the most common and most important information while still giving the blog an attractive "face". Now, obviously I'm not a designer, I'm a software dev. But still I like to play around with CSS as IMHO the design of a web page/application is a major important part. Making such changes to my blog is always again a good learning lesson. But I'm open for suggestions and improvements.
Note that there are still some fine-tuning improvements coming over the following weeks as I didn't yet manage to include them right now.

And for 2012?

More blogging, more about .Net, more Android development, and finally more about web development especially about JavaScript. Let's see whether I manage it :). And obviously I'm looking forward for a year recap 2012 ;).
So I wish you all a good start in 2012 and much success.
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