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Large-scale JavaScript Application Architecture

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JavaScript programming has evolved a lot over the past years and has somehow revolutionized the way you develop on the web. While many initially just used it as a scripting language to quickly hack in some dynamic behavior into traditional websites, it starts now to be used much more like a fully capable programming language (mainly also due to many emerging JavaScript libraries and more capable browsers).

Despite this, the key to successful JavaScript development - as I've already written in a prior post and which you might have been able to read between the lines of some other ones - is structure. Without structure you're lost.., your code gets messy, a maintenance nightmare, uncontrollable, rigid ... scripting code basically. You might not take care about all this in small projects, but it becomes crucial as your project grows and gets rather big.
Take a look at the following presentation by Addy Osmani about Large-scale JavaScript Application Architecture which in my opinion nicely presents the major important points.

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