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Juri Strumpflohner Juri is a full stack developer and tech lead with a special passion for the web and frontend development. He creates online videos for Egghead.io, writes articles on his blog and for tech magazines, speaks at conferences and holds training workshops. Juri is also a recognized Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies

The Similarity of C# and JavaScript Syntax

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I'm currently diving deeply into creating rich JavaScript web applications. You cannot deny that they are now the must have for modern-looking web (2.0) apps. They are rich, user-friendly and provide a desktop-like experience within the browser..without the need to install heavy applications or runtimes. While initially building such apps was a pure pain, emerging JavaScript frameworks and libraries make it really fun and easy. So webdevs out there...if you want to keep up, go and get in touch with JavaScript. It is the language of programming the web :).
Just when coding some JavaScript I noted that the syntax between C# and JavaScript is actually quite similar. Take these examples:


var x = "some string";
var x = "some string";

Anonymous Object initialization

var x = new {
Name = "Juri",
Surname = "Strumpflohner"
var x = {
name: "Juri",
surname: "Strumpflohner"


var result = SomeFunction(
() => {
//A delegate method performing some work
var result = someFunction(function (){
//callback / delegate

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