Droidcon London 2011 - Europe's largest Android Conference

Droidcon London 2011 is Europe's largest conference that exclusively covers Android development and applications. The conference will take place in London on 6th-7th October 2011.
Droidcon London Oct 6-7

Droidcon London 2011 has grown tremendously since last year, in line with the exponential interest in the Android platform. This year, upward of 600 Android enthusiasts will rub shoulders with the premier experts in the field to dig into every aspect of Android and its ever-growing ecosystem. High on the agenda this time around are Android for the Tablet, Android in the Enterprise, Android for Games, Android for business, Augmented Reality, multi-mobile and a whole lot more.

The first day will be community led with a full-day Barcamp and Democamp. The second day will be conference day, with presentations from some of the world's foremost Android experts, including two Google Developer Advocates for Android in Richard Hyndman and Nick Butcher, CommonsWare's Mark Murphy (author of the Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development), Mustafa Isik aka CodeSurgeon and Yosi Taguri (programmer on the fantastic game, Ahhh-Pah) with many more top class speakers still to be announced.

You can register via the Droidcon London 2011 site: (http://www.droidcon.co.uk)
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