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Concluding another Chapter

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Yesterday I finally concluded my studies for the Master in Computer Science at the Free University of Bolzano/Bozen. I even managed to do it with the full grade of 110 out of 110 possible credits :).

A very nice present from my work mate Armin. I guess I
don't have to mention this will be my breakfast cup from
now on :)
After concluding my Bachelor studies 3 years ago, I decided to enter the industry, working as a software developer. Still, after a year of full-time work I felt the desire to somehow "conclude" the studies by starting a Master in computer science. What I didn't want, though, was to return as a full-time student because the work in the industry does give you so much valuable experience which a pure university study is hardly able to provide you. Fortunately I had a boss which understood and supported my ambitions and so I switched to part-time work and started a MSc at the university. Obviously, being a full-time oriented study plan, and given my part-time work, my main objective was to "survive" the first exam session ;). But it turned out that I managed better than I expected and so I'm even more glad that I was able to conclude it with such an amazing result. The last 2 1/2 years were a tough time, requiring me a lot of effort, but it definitely was worth it. I can just suggest any Bachelor student to continue if he/she has the possibility to do so.

Obviously such a result is only possible if everything works. This does not just require one's personal investment of time, but also the support from others. I need therefore to thank especially my parents which made this possible. Without their support I would not have been able to continue my studies. They always gave me the feeling to stand behind me in case something goes wrong.
The other person I'd like to deeply thank is my girlfriend Stefanie. I thank her for always being such a big support in any kind of situation I can imagine, not only for continuously motivating me towards the end of my studies. She's herself currently working on her MSc thesis for her degree as a MSc in Global Management and Markets-Entrepreneurship. I wish her all the best for her upcoming graduation :).
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