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More Than Just Synching - Dropbox

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You know Dropbox, right (if not, head on to get it here)? I totally love that tool. I mean, you nearly don't notice its presence and actually that's what I love so much. It is totally intuitive, you don't have to know anything, just run that daemon in the back and you can be sure you have your files synched and backed up.

But beside "just" synching between OSs and any kind of devices you could imagine there are much more interesting use cases about how people use Dropbox. Here are some of them (I'll update this post to add more as I find them).

HowTo: Install your Android app OTA on your device for testing
This is a post mostly for Android developers where I describe how you can make use of Dropbox for deploying your application over-the-air onto your Android device for testing. Really great if you don't want to send emails around or connect your USB cable.

Print Files From Anywhere via Any Device With Dropbox
From "How-to Geek":
Have you ever wanted to print something from your iPhone, or needed to print something on your office printer from your netbook at home? Here’s how you can make Dropbox into a quasi virtual print server.
Just imagine, this would allow you to download a document from the web on your android phone and directly print it.

How to Trigger Torrent Downloads from Anywhere with Dropbox
From "How-to Geek":
Say you want to download a torrent on your home computer, but you’re away from home. Sure, you could just take a laptop and download it on that, but that’s hardly ideal most of the time. So how do you accomplish this?

Using git with dropbox
Dropbox does already version all of your files up to a month (for the free plan). So it's already kind of a very basic version control system. But still, if you want to get more out of it you may be interested in combining it with the famous distributed version control system git.
This Stackoverflow post also discusses such a use case.

If you don't have Dropbox yet and you'd like to give it a try, click here to register for a free account with a start bonus of additional 250MB.
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