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HowTo: Teach Visual Studio to Remember Your TFS Password

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I often now ran into the problem of continuously getting queried for the TFS credentials when connecting to the company's TFS server from my personal notebook. The reason is clear, the Visual Studio (2008) TFS client is coded in a way that it takes your standard Windows authentication credentials.

This is fine, but still I'd like to have at least a "Remember password" functionality somewhere since it may easily be the case where I want to connect to different TFS servers which may reside in different domains, with different credentials.

I was tired about this misbehavior and so I did a deep search on Google. After reading through several blog posts and forums I found that apparently Windows allows you to manually add passwords it should manage.
Here are the steps for setting everything up.
  1. Open the Run dialog (Win+R) and enter: "control userpasswords2"
  2. On the following dialog click on "Manage Passwords"

  3. You should then see the following screen where you click on "Add a Windows credential"

  4. Enter your credentials but remember to prefix with "domain\username" if you reside in a different authentication domain.

  5. Finally you should see your registered credentials as follows

If you start Visual Studio now you shouldn't see the nerving TFS popup window any more (given you entered the correct credentials before :) ). Hope this helps.
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