Every Developer Needs a Blog!

I just watched an interesting talk from Channel 9 held by Scott Hanselman. His message: "Every developer needs a blog". As you can imagine it is a rather non-technical talk, but still interesting cause he emphasizes the importance of being "socially" active the "geek way" ;)

If you have already a blog or you're an active Twitter or SO user it might be less interesting since you're already on the "right path".

Hanselman wrote an according SO post the day before the talk and a guy answering the post about why social networking might make you a better developer, wrote a very good answer:

But seriously, I think the biggest thing it does is remind people what a good developer can be. If you are someone who enjoys to go for a jog 2-3 times a week, you could very easily be the best runner you know. You might think that what you do is at or near the limit of what anyone could expect to do.

Until you go to a 5k filled with other serious runners. Then you realize where you stand.
Here are the vids:
Video Channel 9 Part I
Video Channel 9 Part II (haven't seen that yet)



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