That's what I'm missing in Visual Studio! Give me better code editor support!!

Visual Studio is great in doing many things as for instance in integrating with other MS products (obviously) or with debugging. The VS debugger is one of the best I've seen till now (using different IDEs).

One thing however I always again miss is having better code editor support. I'm also using Eclipse heavily and the code support which is given there is just amazing and by far better than in Visual Studio. Examples are not only the refactorings, but also shortcuts for jumping to classes / methods which in VS is only available through 3rd-party plugins. can use the dropdown box on top...but it is far from usable (have to switch to mouse, etc...).

Another example I came across today in Eclipse is the following. I was just writing an argument matcher to be provided to Mockito in one of my test cases. I started with the following
Note, argument is of type object, so I did a check using the instanceof ("is" in C#) keyword wrapped within an if clause. I then continued to write argument.getLabels(),...

...not recognizing that getLabels() is actually a method of SourceCodeItem, wherefore I have to cast argument to SourceCodeItem first. But...wait; strangely Eclipse provided getLabels() in its suggestions as if it would be a valid method of argument?? Confirming it...
...Eclipse does the cast automatically for me!! That's what I call great support....I love it!



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