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HowTo: Use your iPhone as a remote control for presentations

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My latest post is already a while back but I'm currently extremely busy. More posts will come in February. Today, I successfully presented my talk for the final exam of the "Technical Scientific Communication" course. It consisted of an approximately 10 minutes talk about a technical topic (preferably the current research topic). Using this occasion I have to say that iWorks's Keynote is just amazing. I've used MS PowerPoint, OpenOffice etc for a while, but when it comes to create professional looking presentations, none of them can cope with it.

But let's come back to the actual topic of this post. When doing such presentations, it is always quite uncomfortable if you don't have a remote pointer and you have to always use your touchpad or notebook's keyboard. It hinders you somehow in your freedom of movement during the presentation. But if you have an iPhone you actually have you're pointer already with you, without knowing ;) . Yesterday evening, Matthias pointed me to a really nice app for the iPhone provided by Logitech. It's called TouchMouse and consists of an iPhone app, freely available on the App Store and a small server as a back-end for the communication between your iPhone and Mac/PC. Yes, it also works for PCs (Windows).
However, the app isn't just made for the purpose of controlling presentations. What is does is basically to bring your notebook's touchpad to your iPhone.

So, as the figure shows, you have the left/center/right button and a couple of further configurations that let you customize the app. The best of all: it's totally free!

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