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Visual Studio intellisense not working properly

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Recently a work mate pointed me out that my Visual Studio Intellisense seemed to not work correctly. When writing...
...the info with the remaining parameters should appear automatically which was not the case on my machine. I actually hadn't noticed that before since you can just press CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE within the method call and you will get the parameter info.

Nevertheless I tried to figure out the reason and I was already fearing that some 3rd-party VS add-in may have broken my Intellisense and that I'd have to invoke "devenv.exe /resetuserdata" (which however is a pain). Then I found this setting inside the VS options dialog:

From the "grayed-out" checkbox I assume that some configuration was really damaged since otherwise it should either be in the disabled or enabled state. Anyway, ticking the checkbox in again solved my issue :)
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