Updated Home: Stackoverflow iGoogle Gadgets

Today my Stackoverflow iGoogle gadgets stopped working. I couldn't identify the problem. I just got the error
Unable to retrieve spec for http://files.getdropbox.com/u/10936/gadgetHosting/stackoverflowProfile/prod/stackoverflow.xml. HTTP error 502
as probably all of my users.

Most probably the error is due to the hosting on Dropbox. Since Dropbox includes file versioning it was quite handy to just place new versions inside the public directory for having them instantly published on the iGoogle homepage and made available to all of the users. Today however I payed for that simplicity. So I decided to move all of the gadgets to a more reliable host.

Therefore I kindly ask you out there (using my gadgets) to just go to my homepage and update the references of your gadgets, basically just re-adding them by clicking the "iGoogle button". In this way you'll get them to point to their new home.

Here's the link for the updated Gadgets:

I'll also update the iGoogle directory, however that may take some time.



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