RT: Testing with VS2010 - A Bugs Life

I'm surely one who loves automated tests. Having them in place (with appropriate code coverage of course) and seeing the green bar or green check icons (depending on your IDE) just gives you the necessary peace for making changes to your application and for applying concepts like refactoring which otherwise is just as if you'd drive blindly (it may work, but it very much depends on your luck). And not just that, in my opinion writing unit tests makes you produce better, more loosely coupled code, 'cause otherwise testing would just be a nightmare. And this pushes you towards using best practices approaches like dependency injection, layering and so on. The only problem is that it is sometimes hard to motivate people to jump on board since they do not immediately recognize the value of automated testing. :(

I'm actually coming from the jUnit world but while diving recently into .Net development I got in touch with MS Tests, concepts like data-driven tests and the whole test-integration into MS's Visual Studio IDE. And I have to admit that I really like Microsoft's recent efforts to strive for best practices like MVC (or MVVM in WPF) and Unit testing.

Here I post a very nice presentation from a former work mate and colleague, Peter, hold on a user group. It's about the awesome integration of testing into the new VS2010 IDE. Enjoy.



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