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HowTo: Run IIS 7 on Vista 64bit OS in 32bit mode

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A couple of days ago, I ran into a nice problem. I had to configure the setup of a new project using an old ASP based application as the entry point from which then the new ASP.net application will be started. After a couple of strange error messages I realized that my web application running on the local IIS wasn't able to locate the 32bit driver since I'm having a 64bit Vista installation on my machine. Consequently also the IIS application pool was running in 64bit mode.

After a quick exchange with one of our technicians, he sent me the solution on how to run the IIS in 32bit mode. Here just as a note to myself (and any other potentially interested) on how to downgrade the 64bit IIS to 32bit:
  1. Open IIS
  2. Click Application Pools
  3. Right click DefaultAppPool. Choose "Advanced Settings..."
  4. A properties window will open, having on the upper "General" section a field named "Enable 32-Bit Applications". Set that to true.
  5. Restart your web application and it should work.
 Note this works just on IIS 7 (as far as I know).
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