Google Wave...a first comment

I've now played a bit around with Google Wave for nearly two weeks now and it's quite cool. The real-time collaborative editing is just amazing, as you can also see in the dozen of demonstration videos which are around the web already. There are a lot of cool features to discover and additional ones come up continuously. I guess however, Wave will even become more useful once more of my friends get access to it so that you can really collaborate and try it out in deep.

Wave is still in its very early stages and sometimes you also notice that it's still in a preview phase. Often it reacts very slowly, Waves don't load or some functions like moving waves to the trash have a very high delay. Of course there are also a lot of useful functionalities still missing but I mean, that's a price I can pay for being able to participate in the preview :)

Today I opened a new wave for managing a project we're going to start for a university course. I thought it might be a good occasion to try out Wave and to keep useful information about the project in a central place s.t. it can be easily accessed by the team members. Normally I use Google Docs for this kind of purposes which btw is really great for sharing and collaborative editing. You wouldn't imagine how much faster you are when you share a GDocs document with your team mate for contemporaneously constructing documents or reports and then when you're finished you export them as PDF and submit them :) . Works really great. Parallel editing in GDocs is not fully real-time but has some delay of about 5 seconds.
But for the purpose of trying out Wave I thought to use that this time. So I just opened a new one, wrote some sections for the different kind of purposes and then intuitively took dragged our PDF file containing the initial project proposal from the OSX dock stack into the wave. And voilá, the document gets uploaded.

Really intuitive :). I expect a lot of new interesting features coming up..



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