New equation editor makes GDocs even more usable!!

I always liked the idea of having a office-like suite on the web. I already used Writely for taking quick notes or just short documents, already before it was acquired by Google and merged - together with Google Spreadsheets - to the Google Documents service. But still most commonly at the end I used my local office suite (MS Office normally).

But since the switch to my new MacBook Pro notebook (I really like it ;) ) I started to use GDocs really heavy. I didn't install MS Office (for Mac) but Open Office. GDocs comes in very handy. Ok, I admit, as a software developer you don't write much documents (normally) but for my master studies there is plenty to write. So for documents that have to be written more formally (architectural documents, reports, ...) I started to use LaTeX (together with the Texclipse plugin), which is really great once you're comfortable with it's syntax. For the remaining, GDocs is just perfect. It opens quickly, extremely responsive, even offline support and you're not bound to it which is of major importance. You can export the end result in a plenty of formats

Other nice features are revisions of your file and the nearly (real-time) collaboration on the same document (nice for writing documents in parallel with others).
The only problem I had till now is when it comes to write notes for some scientific stuff where you have a lot of formulas, what then. Well this was one reason for using LaTeX instead of MS Office or OpenOffice. But GDocs?? Today I came across this when making some notes in preparation for my Statistic exam and look there, GDocs has now (I guess since a couple of days) a new equation editor that supports LaTeX syntax!!

While you write the LaTeX syntax on top, it will simultaneously write you the end result in the preview below. Really cool :)



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