Meta.Stackoverflow, Serverfault and Superuser iGoogle Gadgets submitted!

After the increasing popularity of Stackoverflow, additional three sites have been added
    For system administrators and IT professionals. People who manage and maintain computers in professional capacity.

    For computer enthusiasts and power users. Questions about computer hard- and software.
    Superuser is still in private beta now, but I'm sure a real "superuser" will find a way to get the key to access the site.

  • Meta
    Questions about Stackoverflow, Serverfault and Superuser.
So after I released the Stackoverflow iGoogle gadget a couple of weeks ago, I added other 3 gadgets for the new 3 sites to the Google Directory. The gadgets may still not be available through the normal Google Directory search, since the submission is quite fresh and it will take some time to have them appear there. In the mean time you can add them over my project site.

The next enhancement will be to create one gadget which supports all of the sites such that just one of them has to be added and you can dynamically turn on/off each of them separately.



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