HowTo: Changing TFS workitem type from task to bug

Recently I found a bug while implementing another feature and in order to not forget it, I created a new work item for our Team Foundation bug tracking system. After specifying the details and adding some screenshots I recognized that I accidentally created a task instead of a bug. Easy I thought, just change the workitem type from "task" to "bug". You would like that, woudn't you? :) Actually I got surprised, there is no immediate way to directly change the workitem type. I even tried to use the Team Foundation Excel add-on, referenced my workitem list and tried to change it there, but it gave me an error.

The only way to be able to change the workitem from a task to a bug is the following way:
  1. Within Visual Studio, right-click on your workitem and select "Create Copy of Work Item..."
  2. The following dialog window will pop up where you can then change the work item type:

  3. A new work item will then be created and your old one (the task) will have a reference to it in the "Links" tab:

You can then set your old work item (the task) to "closed" status.

This way is quite uncomfortable, but I guess they've chosen this kind of implementation for always keeping track of any kind of action that is going on any work item. Although they could have just put a reference into the work item history as it is done for changes on any work item other fields.



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