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Around(J2)ME listed on Softpedia

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A project I developed together with my colleague Matthias Braunhofer during the course of Mobile Services at the university has now been listed on Softpedia. Here's the link: 

It is always nice to see it got some attention since in my opinion the application became quite well. We started from the simple idea of mapping interesting places and present them to the user (actually the idea was the same as for the AroundMe application which already exists for the iPhone) and developed the product around this.

Here's a description of what it does:
Around(J2)ME is a location-based J2ME application that uses the phone's current location in order to provide all nearby places that are either belonging to a pre-defined category (e.g. banks, bars, pubs, restaurants, taxis, theaters, parking) or that match a certain search criteria (e.g. name, description, address).

Similar to a car navigation system, the user is able to connect to the Around(J2)ME-server to download location-related data organized into continents (i.e. Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America) to the mobile device. The user can then browse the retrieved locations offline without having to rely on network connectivity. Furthermore the current position and the place of interest can be displayed on a Google Map for a better understanding of its location. 
Although it is fully functional and working, it is not considered to be downloaded on a mobile client for production use (yet). For this purpose we would have to deploy it somewhere on a production web server and continuously update the location data which - for now - has just been done manually for the purpose of the presentation of the project at the course's exam. For the moment it is probably more interesting for educational purposes, that is for J2ME developers to have a look at the implementation of the J2ME app.

If you're interested in the project however, feel free to contact us (me and Matthias).

Here are some project related links:

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