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Mashup editor about to shut down

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According to a note on the official Google Mashup Blog, they're about to shut down the Google Mashup Editor product. They took the valuable info they got from a numerous of Mashup developers to develop their AppEngine which will somehow replace the Mashup editor, although it is a different, much more complex product (with more features of course).

It's a pity to see it go, also because I had some projects hosted there and moreover it was quite useful for developing and hosting iGoogle gadgets:
 Too bad...

Btw, Google Page Creator is also being shut down during June and July. Everything will be moved to Google Sites which is much more advanced (my project site is hosted there). Most bloggers (myself included) however host their external files on Page creator such as CSS, javascript and images. Although your Google Page will be automatically moved to Google Sites, your external files won't be moved. So be aware that you have to host them on some other provider (Dropbox may be an option).
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