Image search: Bing vs. Google Image

Bing does a great job in displaying images. You get all of them displayed in the center of the page within a separate scrollable container. So the search field as well as the search options on the side are always clearly visible and easily accessible. When moving the mouse over an image it becomes bigger, with some additional infos etc. By clicking on the image you get the related content in a different view...really nice and well structured. When you scroll down, further images are fetched automatically without the need for paging. Also the main interface is cool, always showing a different image.
But what about the "correctness" of the search results? Well correctness is quite relative, what I intend is the results expected by the user. Let's give it a try. Assume I see the following image somewhere and I want to perform a search for it.

So I'd enter a query like "bloggers dilemma" (since that's what's written in the image).
Searching on Google Images gives be on the first page containing 18 images, 9 correct results. Here's the query.
Searching on Bing (here's the query), I scrolled over about 500 images without 1 (expected) hit. That's bad, not what I expected given the nice interface etc. But ok, it's still in beta (being officially online just for a couple of days now), so I expect better results in the near future.

These queries bring slightly better results for Bing, but still...




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