Google Wave - Collaboration et excellence

Some days ago I just quickly scrolled over my Google Reader friends' items and saw Manfred's blog entry about Google Wave. It kept my attention since I didn't yet hear anything about that new Google product. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to immediately watch the video, but today I did...and it just blew me away. That product is amazing. Not just from the product point of view in terms of features etc..but on how the different features have been realized from a technological point of view. This certainly again shows what you can take out of HTML (5) and JavaScript (GWT), impressing.

I already use Google Docs for collaborating simultaneously on taking notes or creating draft documents for university courses and its great. You can write on the same document on the same time with your colleagues and you'll see (nearly real-time) your colleagues contributions and editing. But those things shown at the preview video really beats all. As they mentioned, it perfectly merges instant messaging and email writing or collaborative document building. And as usual, a really neat UI. You have to take a look at it, it's great.
Another great feature is the way of being able to add extensions that can be seemlessly integrated in the main UI.

Take a look at the video, not bad...and as also Manfred mentioned, watch out when the automatic translation robot comes to work ;)

Here's a longer story by Lars Rasmussen, one of the lead engineers at Google Wave which also built Google Maps.




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