Use Google Scholar and Latex for correctly citing papers

Citing papers is somewhat critical. There are predefined styles that have/should be respected. But it can be really easy. With Latex you can define a kind of "references file" having the ".bib" extension. Then you define your citations in it, like
title={{Agile software testing in a large-scale project}},
author={Talby, D. and Keren, A. and Hazzan, O. and Dubinsky, Y.},
journal={IEEE software},
publisher={Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc, 445 Hoes Ln, Piscataway, NJ, 08854-1331, USA,}
In your main document Latex file, where you want your references to appear (usually at the end of the document), you put the following
where "references" is the name of your .bib file. When you then place a cite in your document like \cite{talby2006ast}the corresponding citation will automatically appear in your references section.
But the cool stuff is that you don't have to necessarily write the bib file yourself. You can go to Google Scholar and get the BibTex entry from there. First however you have to activate the according option in the preferences
Then you will see an entry called "Import into BibTex"
This is really comfortable and saves you some work :) and moreover you don't have to worry about correct citing.



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