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Use Firebug everywhere!

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You're a web developer and you cannot live without Firebug? Understandable. Firebug provides such great facilities such as JavaScript debugging, direct content modification of CSS and HTML, DOM inspection and much more. A must-have for each web developer.
But what if you have problems specific to IE, Opera or Safari? Since Firebug is written as an Add-On for Firefox you cannot use it in other browsers. Actually that's no true :) In such a case you can use Firebug Lite, entirely written in JavaScript it is "deployable" in any browser (of course there may be some where it doesn't work as expected...the usual JavaScript cross-browser compatibility issues).

There are several ways to use Firebug Lite, just go to the main website to check them out. The best one (in my opinion) is to use the Firebug Lite bookmarklet, which you simply drop to your bookmarks area of the browser (or save as favorite in IE). Just drag&drop it...

(this bookmarklet has been taken from the original Firebug Lite website)

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