Everything you always wanted to know about Google...

This is a presentation done by a french consulting firm. The slideshow doesn't address technology but goes more into the analysis of the business part, of key business strategies that Google applies on the market. There are some interesting things, for instance, have you ever heared about "crowdsourcing"?? It's more a business term and it's basically the process of externalizing tasks onto the users (slide 19 in presentation). How can this be done?? The slide describes for instance how Google uses its voice local search for collecting millions of different human voices in a database. These voices will then be used to improve their speech recognition services ("speech to text" technologies) which again will then be used to index Youtube audio tracks s.t. you will be able to search "inside" Youtube videos (which to some degree is already possible) as if you were searching for some text on a webpage. So you see, although the launch of a new service may often seem as "just another service in the huge amount of available ones", but in fact, most often there is of course a very well defined business strategy behind.
All about Google
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