The competition is open: Safari 4 vs. Chrome

No, joke :) . But did you check out the new Safari 4? Ehm...seems as if the guys at Apple have taken a quite deep look at the Chrome source code and then they suddenly came up with great new ideas :D And..I mean it's also ok, Chrome, or better Chromium is Open Source and Google also stated several times that they made it Open Source for the purpose that other browsers could "learn" from Chrome and so to increase the overall user experience of browsing the web.

Here are just some features the new Safari browser (still in beta) "copied" from Chrome:
  • tabs are on top of the browser
  • each tab runs in a separate process
  • due to the separation of tabs running in different processes, tabs can be dragged&dropped out of Safari to become a separate independent instance.
  • the organisation of the menu (on top right, just beside the search bar there are two buttons, one for creating a new tab and the other for the settings menu etc...just identical as in Chrome)
  • when opening a new tab, a collection of top sites with small screenshots is shown ("Most visited" page in Chrome)
  • ...
There are for sure more features in common, these are just the one I immediately saw when launching the new Safari 4 browser today (and it's still not a too bad number given that I discovered them in less than 5 min).
Anyway, I like how Chrome is organized and so I'll probably now like also Safari :) Of course where Apple is still superior are the special effects as for instance when you click on a page in the "top sites" view etc.. But no one would even try to compete on that. And they finally changed to the OS native look and feel. The old Safari 3 with the Mac-like L&F just didn't fit in the Windows environment.



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