It is done... blog shines in new splendor :) . I finally "managed" to upgrade everything to a new design. theory I should have studied for my exams the last hours when I upgraded everything. Anyway, I'll catch that up today evening :( .
I'm very satisfied with the outcome. The old blog got really messed up over the last years. There was just too much on the page. So the goal for this new redesign was to make it
  • more professionally looking, 
  • simple, 
  • clearly structured, with just the necessary information on the page,
  • focus on what's most important: the reading area, where the blog post contents are and to
  • make it run on the most commonly used browsers.
    Tested on IE, Webkit (Safari, Chrome), Firefox. (forgot Opera, I leave it to you Peter :) ).
Well, this is the outcome. There are still some minor problems and I will still add some things over time. I had to remove the star ratings temporarily for instance and of course I'll add the links to my friends and colleagues blogs.

So what do you think? Comments are welcome :)



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