Discover: file management on the iPhone

As I've written already in this post I bought an iPhone and I'm really satisfied with it. The experience in browsing the web is really amazing. And still I have some critics to do (always in hope they will be resolved with the next major iPhone OS update). I'm not going to post all of them now, but just to list some of them:
  • copy&paste between the applications
    i.e. safari to email etc...(will be included most probably on the next update)
  • file system manager
    being able to download and store files on the iPhone hard disk while surfing on the web. In this feature there would also be included the ability to upload stored files to the web
  • Store partially written SMS
    If I'm currently writing an SMS to one of my collegues and I'm getting interrupted, I'd like to store the SMS in the meanwhile and continue afterwards. For some strange reason this is not possible :(
  • Exchange data with other devices over bluetooth
    Well it's not reaallly needed, but it may often be handy to send images to other mobile devices. With your computer you'll most probably anyway use the wifi connection.
  • ...
There are still many other things, often really stupid things which one may thing would be much much easier to implement than many other fancy features but still they have not been added (yet).
Anyway, one of the most wanted features (from my side) is to have a local file system manager on the iPhone. If you have about 16 GB of space available you'd like to not just use them for music, podcasts, videos and pictures, but also to store files for transporting them. I searched a while on the web for such iPhone apps and found a couple, but no one was really interesting, some of them also limiting the available space in the free version. But then I found Discover. It's completely free, although it displays some ads, which are however not disturbing at all. It is quite like a normal file system manager. The only thing which is missing, is the integration with other apps (download files to it from safari,..), which I think however is not allowed by Apple's philosophy regarding iPhone apps.
Discover is great however. It disposes of a web interface where you can add folders, upload, view and download files.
When you launch Discover on the iPhone, (after the ads ;) ) it shows you immediately the screen on how you get access to the web interface:
It then shows you the list of folders and files...
...and you can browse through the folders for seeing the different files:
With the integrated iPhone document viewer (for viewing pdf, doc,...) you can directly read your pdf files on your iPhone
There are a lot more options available (sharing with other iPhone users,etc...), I'm just not going to post them. If you're interested, just download Discover and see yourself.
I had to do some "advertising" here, because the guys developing Discover do really a good job :) The only problem I'm experiencing is on my Windows installation. On Linux the uploads through the browser work without any problems, on Windows however I'm always getting an error when uploading files :( I have to see what's causing the problem. Probably it is related to the Flash player installation...



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