Launchy available for Linux

Today I discovered that Launchy (my favorite key stroker) is now also available for Linux. I was able to install it with three commands.
  1. Go to the Launchy SourceForge website
  2. Download the Linux version
  3. Unpack it to some desired location
  4. Execute:

    sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev libboost-dev g++ 
  5. Execute:

  6. Execute:

    sudo make install
It should appear then on your top-left menu "Applications/Accessories". Start it and change the short-key since I think the standard one "Alt+Space" is already taken under Linux.
Launchy easies your life in front of the computer really. Since I installed it under Windows I did never touch the Start/Programs menu again. Just press Alt+Space (or your custom short-key), type in your program (or even folder) and press enter.



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