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Javaforge causing a lot of problems

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I'm currently developing an open source application for a University course. So as usually I established a common SVN repository for sharing the code among the developers. We decided to use JavaForge since it allows to keep the code private, meaning that it won't be accessible by everyone outside like it is the case for the Google Code Hosting sites and also for SourceForge (I assume).
I already used Javaforge for other projects but recently it caused a lot of troubles. Today for instance the server seems to be down for the whole day. Visiting http://www.javaforge.com always gives an error message like
Error 104 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED): The attempt to connect to the server failed
and it is not possible to commit code to the SVN repository.
Such things are really annoying and hinder the development which was also the reason why I decided to move our repository to another provider. I'm really sorry for that and it is also bad from the site of Javaforge to its users (the developers hosting the code there) since there is not even a notice why it is down or why it is experiencing problems (since even the main website doesn't even open). Really bad...
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