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Fighting around with VIM

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Today I attended the first lectures of the Master in Computer Science. Yes, I decided to go back to University for attending the Master, I'll continue however to work part-time because I find it important to keep up with the "working world". And still I think it will be quite challenging to do the master...anyway.

I'm currently fighting around with the so "famous" Linux editor VIM. They advised us to use it as the editor during a course. I already started several times to use it, but at the end I always switched back to other "notepad"-like editing tools (i.e. Ubuntu GEdit), where normal selection commands work. At the moment I'm playing around with GVim which should be an enhancement of the VIM editor (adding a standalone GUI)...but I don't know whether I'll get the feeling for it (to be also productive). I found some tutorials (link1, link2) but it still seems to be somehow uncomfortable to use VIM...just mentioning basic things as for instance select some words and delete them...you have to switch from editing mode, to visual mode, select the words and then delete them using the command mode...isn't that complicated ?? But lets see, there must be something behind why Linux gurus adore this tool... :)
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