Blog renewal status

I just marked a couple of features in my "blog renewal" todo list as "nice to have" :) since I don't really have the time at the moment to solve them and I finally want to kick that pie-chart (on the right) out.
So I did a couple of improvements till now such as..
  • Extended view: 
    I maybe think I have to promote this a bit more. On the bottom-right of the page, in the semi-transparent footer, you see a link saying something like "Extended/normal view". This basically gives the reader (you), the possibility to use the entire width of the blog-page for reading the post.
  • Improve appearance of comments
    I finally also changed the look of my post-comments. Now they lay out more nicely, forming some kind of speech-bubble...
  • Label cloud 
    Just a nicer and more meaningful look to my blog labels. You immediately get the most important/often used and the less important labels.
  • Expandable side gadgets
    I know, I always add too much stuff on that sidebars. This happens to become quite messy over time, so having collapseable gadgets may at least help (my readers) to collapse things they're not interested in. Btw, such decisions are stored, so the next time you come back, those gadgets that you closed before should still be closed :)
  • Star rating...
    ...kindly provided by Blogger in draft, for letting users interact (also they don't seem to do so ;) )
  • Internal changes and bugfixes
    And finally I also did some internal changes. Most significantly I changed the way all the javascripts, css files etc. are hosted. I moved them from my googlepage (which will be closed by Google in the near future, moving everything to Google Sites) to my SVN repository. This makes everything more manageable as I think and moreover you have version control which may often be quite useful.
So after all, why are there still some open issues on the pie-chart?? Well yes, there are still some points, 3 or 4 I guess, which I didn't want to close. One of the high-priority points is for sure to improve the appearance of my site on Internet Explorer, where it looks terrible. Unfortunately there are this cross-browser problems in web development and you have to tackle them somehow. Since I quite never use Internet Explorer, but browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Safari, I never really noticed this problems, but when I opened the page today with IE, I was quite shocked. So I'll improve that for sure and I fear that I'll have to touch quite a bit of CSS code. Well that's all....keep up and I hope you enjoy reading my page.
Oh by the way, happy halloween :D




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