Passpack - Manage your passwords the intelligent way

I don't know in which way you record your passwords and other sensitive data. The best way is of course to just remember them, and it may work quite well for a while, but once you get more passwords, you may forget them. Writing them on a piece of paper is of course not really the best and most secure way. The other option is to store it on your PC. There are a lot of local standalone applications around on the web which do that job of managing your passwords and user-accounts in some intelligent or less intelligent way. The drawback in that case however is that you may not have your PC and data available when you need it (i.e. at your work computer).
For some months now I'm trying a new service called "Passpack" which is basically an online password manager especially suited for people which travel a lot or work on different computers. Having tested the service for quite a while now, it seems to be quite trustworthy, although storing your sensitive data on a 3rd-party provider on the web is sometimes a bit scaring.

You can sign-in using different providers, either with your Passpack-ID, Open-ID, Google or Windows Live Account...

to get your passwords however you have to input your packing-key...

So there seems to be a lot of security behind.
From a usability and user-friendlyness point of view, Passpack is great. The team has chosen to implement a fully client-side application by using Ajax to send and retrieve data. I personally like those applications most because they actually give you the feeling of using a local application instead of a traditional web-app which refreshes after each user action.

Passpack can be tried out here! There exists a free and pro-version of Passpack. I think the main difference is that on the free version you have a limitation of about 100 passwords (but come on, if you come to this limit you should maybe rethink your password policy :) ).

btw: Passpack has been developed by Passpack Srl which is an italian company! so I had to do some advertisment ;)



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