Google Chrome: browsing the Google way

I just came back from holidays at Rhodos (very nice) and flew over my mails and see there, one notice kept particularly my attention: Google Chrome, a new browser developed by Google. Is the expected Google Operating System a new browser that integrates Google's existing services? would make sense, wouldn't it? As I said, I just came back from holidays, so I'll stop posting here. I was not yet able to try the new browser, but I'm excited to check it out and see whether they were able to create something new and innovative that differentiates the browser with the main existing ones (IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera) or if it is just another browser on the market.
If you want to check out further information about "Chrome" check out its main website or Alex Chitu's blog about Google or even Google's official blog post.

P.S.: For software developers, check out the Chrome comic. It's quite interesting what decisions have been taking in developing the browser.

Update (07.09.08) - Some further links:




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