Google Earth globe doesn't appear

Some weeks ago I launched Google Earth to check out a route. For some reason however the globe didn't appear inside the application. All of the pointers, flags and country borders however where there, just the main earth surface was missing. I didn't get the point and didn't also have the time to search for it. I removed     Google Earth and re-installed it...with no success. Since at that time I didn't had the patience and time to go in search for the reason I just opened Google Maps and got the needed information there.
Yesterday I casually opened Manfred's blog and flew over some of his posts. And then I found this one. I remembered to have it seen there, but I didn't remember the exact content. Manfred describes a similar problem and actually it was the same in my case. Changing the "graphics mode" inside the Google Earth options to DirectX solved the problem.
Check out Manfred's post for further details:



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