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GMap script being reused

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It is always nice to see people adapt and use your work. Today I made a quick look to my blog access statistics and found the following webpage using a Google map script which I made (description) about more than a year ago. The script is really simple and still I found many people reusing it on their webpages (i.e. Study-board.de where the map is however no more visible to the public recently). Probably because the script is reusable in terms that it retrieves its data - which is going to be displayed - from a simple XML file. Both pages, which are forums, used the script for displaying the locations of their members by modifying it s.t. the XML output is produced by a dynamic page on the server (such as a php page).Seeing this, I could think of optimizing the script since it is not really performance optimized when there are a lot of entries inside the XML. I've already something in mind of how a reusable component could be created. The problem - as always - is just having the time for doing so. I'll think about it...In case you're interested just follow my blog. I'll publish a possible newer version of the script here. Related projects: Newsmapper
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