Program icon search engines

When I create a new piece of software I usually also want to give them the appropriate look (from a style perspective). That's in my eyes also a main key point to make it successful and user-friendly.
Icons play a major role. What you have to pay attention to is to have clear and unified set of icons throughout the whole UI. Eclipse is a nice sample for that.
Finding the appropriate icons is however not always that easy. But I found two search engines which may help you:
    You find there a rich set of different icons structured. There are a lot of the icons which are used on the Eclipse UI. They are simple but still nice-looking and clearly understandable. Here is a sample of searching for the keyword "save".
    Another search engine I found today is ICONLook. Icons there are more Microsoft style. There are a lot of Windows Vista glass style icons.
    Here is a sample of searching for the keyword "save".



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