Got a Dropbox account

I don't know whether you remember my post some time ago, about new services appearing on the web which offer you webspace for uploading files and sharing them with others. Some days ago, I actually received a Dropbox account. For the moment the service - which is currently in beta - is just open through invitations. I already installed the Windows client and started to upload some files and to create some shared folders with some of my friends. The product is great because it is so simple to use. You basically just have to install a client application on your machine which creates a folder called "My Dropbox". Everything you then put inside that folder, will be automatically synched up by the client to your Dropbox online storage. On another workstation you then have the possibility to either just access your files through the web interface or to again install the Dropbox client there and to link it to your account. In this way it is easier than ever to take your files across multiple computers. You don't have to use services like GSpace or even send your files to your own email account.
Other great features are
  • Public folder - All files in there get a unique URL for publishing on the web
  • Shared folders - You can share folders with your friends. Of yours they have to have a dropbox account
  • Versioning - All files are automatically versioned. It's like a simple version control system which may be great if you collaborate with your friends on documents, but also if you just want to restore an older version because you broke something in the newer one. If you collaborate on word-processing documents I recommend however to try GDocs which has an real-time collaboration feature and is now even accessible offline.
And the service is just in beta...I'm expecting a lot of new interesting features to appear. Just go to to get more information about it. There you'll also find a forum where the planned features are listed.

As I file sharing and sychronization becomes more and more popular. Here's the Microsoft solution:
Here's also a video, unfortunately only in German:



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