Busy week, my birthday and a really nice present

I actually didn't find the time till now, but on this week's thursday was my birthday :) I became 23! I'm currently really busy at work since we have to meet an important project deadline...anyway, lets return to my birthday. Immagine what I got as present from my girlfriend (beside a nice cake)... A book from Martin Fowler on "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture"!! Well..ok..I gave her a "small" hint ;)
The book (as far as I've already read till now) is really great. Software architectures is a topic which interests me a lot as well as design patterns. Actually both of them are related somehow. I think having a good knowledge about them really improves your programming and productivity skills. At work I'm also developing on enterprise applications and I'm very lucky to work in a team which attaches great importance on having a clean and well structured architecture. So I cannot wait to read over the book and maybe I'll also post some pieces which I find especially useful here on the blog.

Btw, I don't know whether you've notice the change in the design of my blog. I've changed the CSS of my gadgets and sidebar. It's actually the design I've had on one of my previous pages (which will go offline in the next time). I think it looks now much cleaner. There are still some changes I'm going to take on my blog. But if you take a look at the pie-chart in the upper right you'll see that there are still more issues open than closed: time is a problem :( unfortunately.



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