Better Web Application Framework

Introduction to this post
In the future you'll see more posts of this kind (at least I want to). Since the computer science area is evolving rapidly, you have to stay up-to-date. Videos are a great way for that. The various platforms such as Youtube and Google video offer a lot of interesting materials from screencasts, conferences to technical talks. My first idea was to have somewhere a collection of interesting videos in order to be able to maybe check them out again later. So I basically started to have a list on GDocs, then I wanted to implement something with GMashups and finally my idea ended up on writing this special kind of posts (also for sharing with others), assigning all of them the reference label "tech vids" such that all videos can be filtered out (of my blog) easily.

Sean Kelly makes a nice and funny comparison of different web development toolkits (J2EE, Django, Ruby on Rails,...). It's a video to which you can just watch, relaxing without having to be concentrated to be able to follow everything. J2EE is criticized extremely!! Ruby on rails, Django and so on perform great on the shown examples, I'm not sure however how the comparison would look like on real-life enterprise applications. It would also have been interesting to involve ASP.NET in the comparison.

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