Finally, a new GTalk version

I don't even remember for how long Gtalk hasn't experienced any update. While the Gmail Chat received the capability to be "invisible" and the GTalk Gadget version a "group chat", many new emotions etc., the desktop version of GTalk was not touched at all.
Now, finally a new GTalk desktop version appeared. It seems as if they decided to completely rewrite it. The new version can be found at the Google labs page since it is still a labs product.
Differences to the old desktop version are the following:
  • improved design regarding the application window and notifications
  • Calendar notifications with snooze function
  • Group chat
Still missing features which have been present in the old version:
  • File transfer
  • Voice calls / Voice mails
  • a lot of preferences such as styling the appearance of the chat-window
If you actually compare the new Gtalk labs edition with the Google Talk Gadget you'll notice no difference.
I suppose the new client is just a wrapper for the online GTalk Gadget version and it actually makes also sense. In this way Google would solve the problem of having to develop two different versions of the product (desktop client and Gadget). They could work on one product (regarding the part of the instant messaging) and updates would automatically reflect on both products. In this way the desktop client shouldn't be any effort to develop. Moreover I hope that in this way they're also able to provide an OS independent client.
Here are some further screenshots:




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