Fighting with cross-browser incompatibilities

If you ever have done some web programming stuff and if it may have been just to style a plain old static HTML page with some CSS I'm sure you already had to tackle with absurd cross-browser incompatibilities. Since I started with this blog about more than a year ago, I added a lot of javascript for enhancing its functionalities. Being able to provide a continuous looking throughout the most common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari is quite a hard task. You create a script and make it work on Firefox and you can be sure the script or even others won't work on Internet Explorer.
Currently I'm for instance trying to integrate a small speech bubble on my blog profile (see link "What am I doing?" on the left) for displaying the last twitter entry. It already works more or less satisfiable on Firefox and Safari, but it doesn't on IE.
At least for Firefox there exists a nice "must-have" tool called Firebug. You have to check that out, it's great. However most of the problems usually lie on the IE side, where you don't have such powerful debugging tools in place. So since during the last months I just hacked in new changes such that they worked on Firefox, my site doesn't get rendered that nicely on IE (I'm sorry for that) :( . I'll see to fix that as soon as I'm able to.



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